(Chinhphu.vn) - Set up a field hospital to prevent and combat nCoV; limit cross-transmission in hospitals; closely monitor and isolate sources of risks that can spread nCoV ... localities are ready for situations to cope with nCoV.

Vinh Phuc established a field hospital for prevention and combat of nCoV

Vinh Phuc People's Committee is rapidly deploying, folding a field hospital with about 300 beds for nCoV prevention at the Provincial School of Culture and Arts. This is an existing infrastructure location, spacious campus, far from residential areas, and convenient transportation. That is a favorable condition for Vinh Phuc to manage, isolate and focus on treatment in an emergency manner as prescribed by law.

Up to 23:00 on February 9, 2020, the construction of a field hospital at the provincial School of Culture and Arts was quickly implemented and the site preparation was completed. It is expected that today (10/2) the units will carry out the installation of technical equipment, necessary personnel arrangements and the operation plan of the field hospital, ready for every possible situation. out.

According to the report of the provincial Department of Health, the location of the provincial School of Art and Culture is very convenient to build a field hospital. Here facilities are available, basically meet the requirements of a large-scale field hospital to serve the requirements of medical treatment and people's health care. The Department of Health has allocated human resources to the field hospital on the basis of quick response teams, of which the core and responsible for operation is the Provincial General Hospital.

Hai Duong: Restrict cross-infection in hospitals

Leaders of Hai Duong Department of Health have requested health facilities, especially medical examination and emergency departments, to organize screening, early detection and control of infected or suspected nCoV patients at the reception place to limit cross-infection. Classify quickly by asking symptoms, epidemiological factors. Arranging additional examination tables to preliminarily classify patients right from the time of registration for medical examination.

If patients suspected of contracting with nCoV are found, they should be quickly moved into isolation rooms to minimize the risk of spreading nCoV in the waiting area for examination. Consider equipping an infrared thermometer to quickly detect a person with a fever.

Provide separate waiting areas and examination areas for people infected or suspected to be infected with nCoV. When an infected or suspected nCoV person is detected, the patient should be moved to an isolated area. Propagate and guide patients and their family members to wear masks. Increasing hygiene of the floors and rooms with disinfectant chemicals. Ensuring well-ventilated clinics and waiting rooms for nCoV-infected patients.

The departments that receive and treat isolated people with nCoV must have warning signs in the isolation area, minimize the number of people entering and leaving the isolation area. Apply preventive isolation in all 3 ways of transmission, paying special attention to prevention of isolation of transmission by contact and droplets. The isolation area has 3 rooms: buffer room, suspected patient room, treatment room for nCoV-infected patients.

Thanh Hoa closely monitors and isolates potential sources of nCoV transmission

As of 9/2, Thanh Hoa has 12 cases and suspects suspected nCoV. Among them, 1 person positive for nCoV cured and was discharged from the hospital on February 3; 9 out of 11 people suspected of having nCoV had negative test results stabilized their health, and 2 people who were waiting for the test results were also discharged. Twenty-eight cases of close contact with nCov-positive patients had passed 14 days of surveillance, currently showing no signs of respiratory infection. Currently, Thanh Hoa is no longer suspected of having nCoV being treated at health facilities; 183/220 close contacts of suspected 14-day-infected people no longer have to undergo health monitoring, 826 people from the epidemic area are quarantined at the enterprise, 2,365 isolated people at home are not showing signs of inflammation Respiratory.

Thanh Hoa Department of Health has established 4 inspection teams for nCoV disease prevention in 4 districts: Quang Xuong, Nga Son, Trieu Son and Hoang Hoa. Through checking the epidemic prevention activities in localities, it is shown that the prevention and control of epidemic diseases is paid attention by localities to allocate funding for the prevention and control of nCoV epidemics, comprehensively deploying, strictly following instructions and details. , specifically as required, awareness of epidemic prevention in families with suspected people, people returning from the epidemic area quite well.

Hau Giang is ready for situations to cope with nCoV

In order to cope with the disease in a timely manner, the Steering Committee for prevention and control of acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of corona virus, Hau Giang province has directed the provincial People's Committee to develop a response plan for the disease. This province. The plan proposes 3 situations to cope with the nCoV epidemic, namely: Case 1, not yet reporting cases of disease in Hau Giang; Scenario 2, the case of invading Hau Giang province; Situation 3, the disease spreads in the community.

Currently, in a situation where there is no epidemic, Hau Giang province promotes the propaganda and guidance for people on how to prevent and control diseases. This activity is being actively implemented, with the highest efficiency. Through control, people have been aware of and implemented measures to prevent and control diseases.

Under the second scenario, the province has actively arranged isolation rooms at all health facilities and Provincial Tuberculosis and Lung Hospital, Vi Thuy District Medical Center is the 2 units selected for treatment and isolation. patients if the number is greater than a few with nCoV.

The third situation is that the epidemic is widespread, the province will build a field hospital and have selected the provincial Technical and Economic College to build. After checking and reviewing, we need to buy some more equipment to be ready to cope. Currently, the province is proactively preparing a place for isolation, taking care of the subjects of Hau Giang people living abroad under the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

Although at present only in case 1, the province's preparedness work is ready for the worst situation. All health facilities are ready to respond to the disease situation. At Vi Thuy District Health Center, the hospital bed will be arranged quickly and necessary equipment for the isolation of 100 beds. At the Tuberculosis and Lungs Hospital in the isolated area, there are 20 beds ...

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